The Graceland Christian Centre, a.k.a The Gapfillers International Ministry, Eruwa, was birthed after an unusual encounter of the Holy Ghost with the setman, Pastor Adisa Olumuyiwa in the ancient town of Eruwa, Oyo State, Nigeria. It was on a Saturday morning just at the back of the house, where he was alone washing and suddenly the presence of the Holy Ghost overshadowed him and the name GRACELAND began to reverberate in his ears.

Prior to this time, the Holy Ghost has impressed on him that he will be leading His people as a Shepherd and that through him many will come to the saving grace of Grace.

Thus, the first service was held on the 7th July, 2013 and inauguration was done a year after. The commissioning and the inauguration was conducted by the Senior Pastor and the founder of The Shepherd Flock International Church, Ikeja, Lagos – Rev. Tony Akinyemi who is equally the Spiritual Father of Pastor ADISA, Olumuyiwa.

The first service had 4 people in attendance – namely, the pastor, his wife and their two daughters Gladys and Oluwadunsin. Today, the story has changed and is still changing.

The anchor scripture of the church is found in John 1:16…. And of His fullness have we all received, and grace for grace. Since inception up till now, the grace of God has worked in this ministry in different dimensions. Grace is REAL.