JOSEPH’S DIARY (Continued)

 JOSEPH’S DIARY (Continued)        

My dream life became communicable, people around me started dreaming, all charting a course towards the fulfillment of my own dreams.

It was first the co-prisoners, the Spirit of God residing in me would not permit me to look away from the sorrow and confusion on their faces. They narrated their dreams and the wisdom of God in me brought interpretation in quick succession. Accurate! Exact! It happened just like I told them. What an encouragement! I was strengthened from within, the fulfillment of their dreams was of great encouragement to me  – it means that the fulfillment of my own dram was not a mirage. I thought I was helping them but it turned out to brighten my joy. I’ve learnt the lesson again and again, there’s joy in serving others and cheering them up. Though it tarries, all I need is to wait for it and remain connected to the source. It shall surely come to pass.

A year rolled by quickly, and nothing happened. Two years after the butler’s dream was established, I was still counting, I remained in the dungeon but holding steadfastly to the faithfulness of He who promised.

……then the king had a dream, a royal dream that demanded ‘royal’ attention. It was according to divine order, my time of release. It was my season of fulfillment. All things stood still, a seal was cast on the dream, the riddle could not be solved, not by all proven wise men, not even the great magician of Egypt, all effort was like movement in thick forest on a dark night. God, “the fulfillment of my dreams was at work. My kindness of yester years to the chief butler came into remembrance, my gift made way for me out of the prison to the palace, never to go back there as a prisoner. The snare is broken, the dream is speaking, my source of dream is working…. In quick succession….. all happened like an uninterrupted dream of a long night.

Out of the dungeon………..shaven…….raiment changed…….. and I was there, right there, listening to Pharaoh as he expressed his expectation of how he heard I could understand and interpret dreams. Hmm, I quickly must let him know I had a source. “It’s not me” I interjected, “but God shall give you an answer of peace”.

He narrated his dream, my God supplied the interpretation, hmm, so scary; there shall be seven years of surplus and another seven years of famine that would be devastating so much that the years of abundance shall be utterly forgotten. God did not only give me the interpretation, He gave me the solution as well.

His power on me at that moment was heavy and awesome. I spoke like god. I was altogether amazing. The solution: a man was needed, discrete and wise, faithful, diligent, disciplined and committed. He’s to be in charge of the land, tour the land in the coming year of abundance and gather the surplus for preservation in preparation for the years of famine.

I couldn’t believe I was the one talking, the wisdom was beyond me, my source was in charge, working within me to force/bring everything in obedience to His plans. Pharaoh was thoroughly overwhelmed by what was happening. He couldn’t think of any other person, Pharaoh cant but act it out as it was already confirmed in God and in me. He set me over the land and the people of Egypt.

I was arrayed in vestures of fine linen, a garment of honour to wear for the rest of my life. Thirteen years of suffering and waiting was over, serving with joy those years now pay off.

I was on Pharaoh’s second chariot and proclamation was made in front of me, “bow your knee”- not even Potiphar was ever honoured that way, what a faithful God I served. Tears of joy rolled uncontrollably as I remember how Potiphar threw weight behind his wife without listening to a word from me, now he’s a subordinate. God has vindicated me. A new chapter is opened, my call to serve has taken a new turn and I am set to joyfully carry it out.


To be continued………

– Pastor Feyisara Adisa


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