Flipping in my heart through Joseph’s imaginary diary, I saw what he wrote:

I am Joseph, they call me ‘the dreamer’ God is the source of my dream, God is the Sustainer of my dream, God is the Fulfillment of my dream.

GOD- The source of my ‘DREAM”

                I dreamed a dream and told my brothers who already hated me for my fathers’ love towards me. Why did they hate me for what I couldn’t control? I became an enemy among mine own people because the father loved me, then they hated me the more for the dream I dreamed. I could have stopped the dream to gain access to their heart and love but how could I, when I’m not the giver of it. My dreams became my encouragement, my dreams became my comfort. I was amidst the multitude yet would have been lonely but for my dreams and my fathers’ love. Oh how I cherish my father and my dreams.

And I dreamed yet another dream and told my brethren and my father, not because I had a point to prove but that my dreams have become my words. I could only speak greatness though I was a little boy. I could only speak leadership though I still ran errand joyfully for my father and my brothers. The future became so real in my words that my brothers envied me and my father rebuked me. Oh mine! The dreams would not stop, my present predicament could not stop it, my brothers’ hatred and envy could not stop it, my father’s rebuke could not stop me, and my bewilderment could not stop it, FOR GOD IS THE GIVER OF MY DREAMS.

“No one can stop me from having yet another dream, for God is the source of it. He gives me again and yet again not because He’s idle or restless but because He loves emphasis and the picture of my future must be stamped on my heart”.

GOD-The Sustainer of My Dreams

                No matter what happens now courtesy devil and men, my dreams have formed the picture and image with which I fix every trouble and confusion . When siblings betrayed me and thought they say my end at last. Through my tears which pulled no string in their wicked and hardened heart, I saw the image my dreams have created in my heart. Yes, they removed my coat of many colours but that image nobody could remove, I own the copyright.

Sold to the merchants, for twenty pieces of silver, sold again by the Medianites into Egypt as a slave. There remained a treasure in me that was not for sale. It’s my dream, it’s my God’s trademark upon my heart. It’s more real to me than the slavery on that moment.

I was a slave there but didn’t operate like one. My dream cheered me up always, my countenance betrayed my predicament, my joy was not a function of my arranged slavery which I knew was but for a moment, my joy was a function of the picture stamped on my heart by the sustainer of my dreams. Mrs. Potiphar could not juxtapose my seemingly unfortunate situation with my persistent joy. She decided to reach out for my heart (the pearl therein) she was bent on stealing my future glory. No way! It couldn’t be stolen, GOD IS THE SUSTAINER OF IT, I WONT LET GO.

I left my garment again, this time as an evidence against me for offence that never existed. I landed in prison for keeping my hope alive; every other person seemed to forget me but not my God. Through thick and thin, change of garments and change of home, ONE THING remained constant………………………………………..MY DREAMS

To be continued…

            – Pst Feyisara ADISA


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    Esther funmilayo onasanya says

    With all the difficulties let my dream should come to pass.

  2. Reply
    Akindele Oluwaseun says

    My dream, my worth.. May I defend it at any cost.

  3. Reply
    taiwo says

    My dream, my future, my hope, God help me

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