The World of Want by Pst. Feyisara Adisa

THE WORLD OF WANT – Feyisara Adisa

We live in a world of varieties, inventions and innovations. A world where the eyes by virtue of what they see can affect the heart and set every other  part of the body in motion for an unending race after vanities of life.

In order not to join in such “effort in futility” group, it’s good to check the manufacturer’s manual to see how He designed it from the beginning.

–              Before God created man, He made provision for all he (man) would ever need.

–              God also made thing not meant for them and instructed them to stay away from such.

–              Not everything we see or have access to is meant for us. Don’t become a glutton because your store is full, don’t become an adulterer or a fornicator because you’re surrounded by vulnerable/gullible people.

–              That God did not surround the tree of life with fire or some sort of thorn in order to deny them access is a test of their love, trust and obedience. Though we live in a free world, wise people know that there’s no free freedom anywhere. We earn freedom in life by paying the currency of discipline. Don’t expect God to remove the unnecessaries from you. Learning the discipline of distinguishing/severalizing between your needs and wants.

–              Obedience to God is the proof of our love for Him. John 14:15-21. Obey Him always even when it seems foolish and difficult.

Because they (Adam & Eve) betrayed their trust in God, He sent them away from the garden of satisfaction into the open world of wants. Rom 1:28…

To be continued…


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    Emmanuel Ikukudie says

    Blessed. More grace

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    John Adewola says

    Great .
    more unction more grace to function in Jesus name.

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